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Start offsetting or capturing your vehicle’s carbon emissions today in less time than it takes to top up your oil.

Use our carbon calculator to tell us about your vehicle and annual mileage, then pay a simple one-off yearly fee and we’ll do the rest. Working with our Tree Planting Partner, we ensure that every mile you drive is ‘carbon captured’ through the planting of new woodland here in the UK or offset by forests around the world. Enjoy having done your part for the planet as you hit the open road.

Offsetting vehicles from Reliant Robins to Rolls Royces

There is a Tree-V product to suit every vehicle, every person and every budget.

Add any extra vehicle for £5

+ offsetting cost

Add as many additional cars as you want – your second car, the kids’ cars, the parents’ and maybe even the in-laws’… for just £5 per vehicle! For you lucky few who need multiple Tree-V Classics or Tree-V Prestige memberships, then each additional classic or prestige vehicle will qualify for this discounted rate.

Our Progress So Far


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For those of you a little more invested in horsepower, why not explore our Classics or Prestige memberships? 

Not only can you take advantage of our fully offset events, quarterly e-magazine and members forum, you also get to be part of a community that keeps it cleaner than a Prius going through a carwash.

  • A badge of honour! An eco-friendly car badge to show your pride in driving carbon balanced miles!
  • Contribute to the carbon balanced movement while driving
  • Certified carbon credits as per the UK’s Woodland Carbon Code and Peatland Code*.
  • Grow new UK woodland or overseas forest (your choice!)
  • Regular updates on your forest’s progress
  • Attend environmentally friendly motoring events
  • Join the Tree-V community in our members-only Facebook group (Coming Soon)
  • Receive our quarterly members’ e-magazine

*carbon credits held as part of Tree-V’s registered credits with our tree planting partner – Forest Carbon

Forest Carbon

Our Tree Planting Partner

We are very proud to be partners of Forest Carbon who lead the way in UK woodland creation for carbon capture. The quality of Forest Carbon’s schemes is assured by the UK government’s Woodland Carbon Code and the IUCN’s Peatland Code, both of which certify their projects in important areas like biodiversity, ‘additionality’, risk management and carbon capture measurement.